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About us:

Trafohallen AS is a relatively young company established in 2017 with 2 employees and our core business is stocking and selling three phase dry type transformers in varying sizes and standard voltages.

We can also supply different types of transformers with all sorts of voltages on request.

We are currently using transformers from Power Europe, which are a marked leading supplier of all types of transformers as their core business. Power Europe are located and have their production in Vicenza, Italy.

Our main philosphy is to stock enough products of our standard models that we always can deliver these products in 1 - 3 working days all over Norway so that our customers can get their projects executed as fast as possible without delay.

Our enclosures are of high quality, with one of our main focus points of this design to ensure easy installation together with a clean, simple design.

Even if we are small, we are lucky enough to solid investors in the company, with strong capital reserves and a long term strategy plan which ensures that deliveries are safely maintened in the long term.

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